Our Aims and Objectives


West Cornwall Community Renewables (WCCR) is a new social enterprise that aims to develop local community owned assets, and particularly those that generate renewable energy, and so support the community of West Cornwall to move towards becoming self-sufficient in renewable energy.

WCCR will be one way that that income generated from the local energy resource supports the local economy as the social business model will put ownership in the hands of the community rather than a private investor and thus serve broader local interests.

Our aim in doing this is:

  • to increase the amount of renewable electricity being generated in West Cornwall
  • to raise the investment from local people [and others with a connection to the area] and provide a reasonable rate of interest on their investment
  • to provide cheaper electricity for the sites where installations are developed
  • to provide funds for further carbon reducing activities in west Cornwall

We believe that the twin challenges of climate change and depleting fossil fuel resources in the long term can only be dealt with by increasing renewable energy generation.

Our immediate aim is to develop and finance solar PV and wind turbine projects. These are reliable technologies with a long track record of success. We will raise funds to finance projects through a combination of member subscriptions (shares), bank loans and financial partnerships.


[Updated: 05/04/2015]

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