Energy Monitors Loan Scheme


West Cornwall Community Renewables has been able to purchase 25 energy monitors to loan out,with the help of a grant from the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

An energy monitor will accurately measure and display a household’s electricity usage in real time. Surveys have shown that savings of up to 25% can be made just by being able to be aware of how much energy you are using.

This scheme offers the loan of a home energy monitor for a month to enable you to track your consumption and  consider how you might reduce your consumption.

We will come and fit the monitor, explain how to use it and make suggestions on how you could reduce your bills and improve your home’s efficiency. We will return at the end of the month to collect the monitor, discuss your experiences from using it, and make suggestions on how you might improve your homes energy efficiency.

As the monitor will show you instantly the effect of turning on/off different lights and appliances you can see which use the most energy. This knowledge can help you understand your energy use better, and thereby reduce the use of energy hungry appliances and cut your fuel costs as well as CO2 emissions.


Please email us ( your contact details and we will get in touch to arrange a visit to bring the monitor.

Download (pdf): Energy Monitor Loan Scheme leaflet


[Updated: 05/04/2015]

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