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West Cornwall Community Renewables is a Community Benefit Society, run by local residents to help promote community energy across West Cornwall. Join us in working to achieve this goal.

Support our activities

There are a variety of ways that you can help support WCCR, from a simple click of the mouse to getting stuck in helping us run events, including:

• Liking us on Facebook
• Following us on Twitter
• Signing up to our mailing list, to keep updated with WCCR news and events

Come along to our events, bring a friend or neighbour, and look at how energy use is at the heart of all our lives.


We have a big challenge making West Cornwall sustainable in energy, and WCCR wants to do it’s bit but will need people to get involved.

We have a number of tasks and roles for volunteers and are always looking out for new volunteers to join us on our community energy journey. You may have experience or expertise that you would like to share, or resources or equipment that we could use/borrow. Get in “Contact” with us for a chat on how you might help WCCR and also look at our “Get Involved” page for more information.

Financial Support

We are working on the development of community owned renewable energy projects (see “Our Projects”. When they are ready we will be looking for funding to make them happen, and one key way we want to do this through is a ‘Community Share Offer’. This is where you could help financially to make it a reality.

What is a Community Share offer?

Community Shares enables investment to come from the very community which an enterprise intends to benefit. These community shareholders, ordinary people, invest in the local enterprises to provide goods and services to meet local needs and only expect a fair and modest return on their investment, if any. Investors purchase “withdrawable” shares, with the minimum investment often set at a level to allow most people to participate. e.g. £50. Investors get a say in the enterprise as each investor gets one vote – no matter how many shares they purchase.

There may also be tax incentives that benefit investors, like the Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and we will be looking for our developments to benefit from these Government schemes.




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